Sunday, September 16, 2012

Top Ten Signs It’s Time For Kasim Reed To Give Up Hope (Reasons 8-10)

Over the next few weeks, I will offer a running list of my TOP 10 REASONS why Kasim Reed should give up trying to be re-elected. If Reed faces A FORMIDABLE OPPONENT, each of my Top 10 Reasons will be central questions to Reed’s re-election.

Here are numbers 8-10:

Reason Number 8: Hell Hath No Fury…

The last three years have introduced Atlanta’s City Hall Observers to Kasim Reed’s relationships with Ms. Langford, Ms. Whittaker, and Ms. Rohadfox. 

For different reasons, each of these associations is volatile and likely mean sleepless nights for Reed, as he worries about what happens when the details (sometimes sordid) are made public.

But Atlantans learned this past week something more precarious about the Bachelor-In-Chief’s peccadilloes. The greatest danger to Reed’s reelection may come not from those he has kept close but rather from those he’s “cut off.”

Reed has already seen the short-term impact from someone he has, proverbially, kicked to the curb, notably the so-called “The Booty Bundler,” Stacii Jae Johnson.

While driving a high-priced, white “loaner” Porsche on the 75/85 Connector in late August, The Booty Bundler was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, and a variety of other infractions. 

It’s still undisclosed who “loaned” the vehicle or why the vehicle was "loaned" to the mayor’s “Entertainment Director.”

Before last month’s brush with the law, Jae was best known for “bundling” fund-raising checks for politicians and for staring in a “stripper” video; hence the nickname, “The Booty Bundler.”

Now, that would be bad enough under any circumstance. But... 

In DC, Ms. Jae is referred to as “Obama’s Booty Bundler” because she was bundling campaign contributions for Obama’s reelection campaign while working for Reed (see the story here).

These DC headlines certainly contributed to the stiffing (in a manner of speaking) Reed got from the President’s reelection campaign when it barred him from the podium in Charlotte during the Democratic Party’s nominating convention. Reed is the first Atlanta mayor in nearly 40 years not to address the Democratic National Convention.

Oh, but it gets worse for Reed…

Atlanta’s own “TMZ-styled” celebrity gossip web site, Lipstick Alley, reported that The Booty Bundler is gaining revenge on her former boss, presumably because Reed did not protect her from arrest or termination.

According to the web site: 
“(Kasim Reed) is sleeping with like 4 chicks in his cabinet and they all think he is going wife them. Staci Jae was at a party saying she had the Mayor in check and then drove drunk and was forced to resign, His communications director divorced her husband as did Jovita Moore. He has them trained like a ****.”
So while Kasim has to keep an eye on the relationships he maintains, he also has to worry about those relationships he has disposed of.

Reason Number 9: Atlanta Workforce Development Agency

Reed was repeatedly funneling campaign supporters and “politically connected” dreck (including relatives of city council members) to AWDA for “no show” jobs.

All Hell broke loose when the professional staff tried to push back on the questionable allocation of federal grant dollars.

In turn, Reed’s chief of staff, Candace Byrd, blew up during a cabinet meeting and publically humiliated the highly regarded executive of AWDA. The AWDA executive was ostensibly suspended for granted a routine media interview but it was made clear to everyone in the meeting that if anyone refused to “play ball” they too would suffer retaliation. Watch this video

Reason Number 10: ”Atlanta Public Schools

Reed will try to run from this disaster but any viable candidate will place APS at his feet.
As the largest cheating scandal in American history unfolded, Reed stood with Beverley Hall and IN OPPOSITION TO the board members who were challenging Hall’s policies and strategies.

Reed publically defended Beverley Hall and POLITICALLY DESTROYED the greenhorn board chairman who singlehandedly stood up to Hall.

Watch this speech and know that the “who” being discussed is a direct reference to Kasim Reed. Reed will not be able to run from this. Watch This Video

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